Measurement services

IAMT Engineering offers system solutions from measurement task to detailed report.

As a trusted system partner, we aim to cover the entire development process for our clients. In addition to engineering, design, and test bed testing, we also carry out the measurements required for testing facility verification, and vehicle measurements for load data acquisition.

System projects involving our measurement services

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum from planning the measurement campaign to providing the results report. 

  • Preparation of measuring point plan
  • Preparation of instrumentation concept
  • Design and manufacture of adapters for the vehicle
  • Vehicle adaptation
  • Design and manufacture of measuring components with integral sensors (special transducers) •Installation, application and commissioning of the instrumentation and control system
  • Implementation, evaluation and documentation of the measurement campaign
  • Project management

Any requisite vehicle adaptations are planned, designed and implemented entirely through to recommissioning by IAMT Engineering at its prototyping unit. A comprehensive range of sensors enables the measurement and recording of:

  • Forces
  • Travel paths and distances
  • Acceleration data
  • Vehicle data
  • Environmental conditions
  • Wheel loads

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Pohle-Simon

Managing Director
IAMT Engineering GmbH & Co. KG