Machine simulators for training and development

IBAF develops and supplies customer-specific simulators for construction and mining machines, off-road vehicles, cranes and material handling systems.

Our aim is to realistically replicate machine and system behaviour in interaction with the work process, environment and the human-machine interface to create an immersive and effective training experience. Hence, the simulator may quickly double up as a development tool.

Tailored simulators

In addition to the original operating elements, we also integrate the controls, assistance systems and visualisation systems of the actual machine. With state-of-the-art 3D graphics incorporated, the operator becomes fully immersed in his or her virtual working environment. The possibilities range from portable desktop systems to fully equipped hardware simulators with realistic 3D visualisation and motion hydraulics.

Our development approach

Our simulators are as individual as the machines and requirements of our customers. With our many years of experience, we can configure – from the multitude of variants and extensions available – exactly the right simulator for your application. We attach great importance to the realistic replication of machine behaviour, and handling and working processes, paired with special training and evaluation concepts aligned to achieving the greatest possible customer benefit.
And if you already use simulation in your development processes, we can take those existing models as our basis for such simulators. We integrate your models from different tools / formats / sources, and together with  3D visualisation and control elements, a virtual prototype of your machine is created, which you can present to customers or use for development, testing and training purposes.

Areas of application

  • Training at all levels
  • Testing during development with a virtual prototype
  • Test and application of control and assistance systems
  • Designing the human-machine interface
  • Supporting marketing and sales

Technical customer benefits

  • Hazard-free training, with both user and machine fully safeguarded
  • Introduction and sensitisation to hazard situations
  • Simulation of safety-critical situations and sudden occurrences
  • Familiarisation with the machine’s safety functions and control system
  • Improved efficiency when operating the machine proper
  • Support for the market launch of new systems

Economic customer benefits

  • Acquisition and operating costs are significantly lower than with a fleet of real machines
  • No downtime costs through requisitioning of machines for training
  • No consequential costs due to damage to the machine or accidents during training
  • Modular design for cost-effective use at different locations


  • Training is possible at any time, unaffected by local site and environmental conditions
  • One simulator can be used for training on different machines
  • Individual adaptation of the training programme to existing teaching materials, internal regulations and required content
  • Numerous scenarios ensure variety with a broad spectrum of task

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