For several years, the IAMT Group has been responsible for and engaged in the testing of mechatronic and electronic systems and components for use in vehicles and test rigs/benches.

At the heart of IAMT Mechatronics’ expertise is a comprehensive system development approach based on virtual computation and simulation methods.

Effective product development

We offer a sound and secure product development process (feasibility, optimisation) based on the focused application of cross-domain, coupled simulation models (multiphysics modelling). This enables us to reliably and realistically map products, despite their increasing complexity, thereby meeting the requirements definitions of our customers with ever greater accuracy. 

Services related to mechatronics and E/E

  • Modelling
  • Development of open- and closed-loop control systems
  • Electrical design
  • Electronic design
  • Hardware in the loop
  • Restbus simulation
  • System integration
  • Measurement integration
  • Controller application
  • In-system function testing
  • Supporting the product development process

Tools for mechatronics and E/E

  • Matlab/Simulink
  • SimulationX
  • IPG CarMaker
  • E-Plan
  • Odis
  • INPA
  • IDEX
  • CANape
  • Diagra MCD
  • Doors

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Pohle-Simon