Small-batch production

IAMT Chassis Systems is an assembly partner for chassis components, chassis subassemblies and complete axles. As a small-batch supplier, we control the manufacture of all system-integrated components destined for your product.

Assuming the role of general contractor, we support the entire product development process through to delivery of typically low derivative quantities.  Our employees are dedicated to designing innovative solutions and incorporating these into robust assembly processes.

Innovative assembly processes and technologies

Using flexible and innovative assembly techniques backed up by a broad network of suppliers, we are able to handle comparably low production volumes – including with different variations – in the manufacture of derivative products and special-purpose vehicles. The upstream and downstream processes such as procurement, sampling and logistics are subsumed from the customer structure into our own processes.

Smart interchangeability and process integration enable us to manufacture products with great efficiency. With the use of the latest assembly technologies and comprehensive process monitoring of the required quality features, we not only meet the general standards of well-known series production processes, we can also react to special requirements and focus on specific product features.

Expertise for mini-batch production

Utilising the know-how available at IAMT Chassis Systems, we are able to ensure the effective and comprehensive implementation of complex small- and mini-batch projects to the highest level of quality involving vehicle derivatives and special-purpose vehicles, creating a wealth of advantages beyond the limits of large-scale production serving mass market requirements.

Typical areas of application

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Municipal and commercial vehicles
  • Defence systems (high-protection vehicles)
  • Innovation products (eMobility, special vehicles)

Dipl.-Ing. Udo Albinus

Managing Director
IAMT Chassis Systems GmbH & Co. KG