Drive engineering

Covering the full expanse of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical drive engineering and technology, IBAF serves as a trusted partner of component, machine and vehicle manufacturers.

At the heart of any machine is its drive system. Whether drive trains for wind generators, hoists, construction and mining machinery or railbound vehicles, it is essential that all components interact perfectly within their given system environment so as to ensure optimised operational characteristics. Hence, our objective is not solely to optimise individual components but also to ideally integrate these within the overall machine configuration.

Concepts and integrated systems

  • Rigid body kinetic and elastokinetic simulation of overall system behaviour
  • Determination of load and motion spectra for drive components
  • Comprehensive vibroacoustic optimisation of drive systems

Mechanical drive engineering

  • Development of innovative concepts
  • Application-specific component selection and design; interface optimisation  
  • Thermal, mechanical and tribological optimisation of drive components
  • Deformation analyses, optimisation of load-bearing behaviour, bearing assembly optimisation

Hydraulic drive engineering

  • Strength analysis and optimisation of dynamically loaded hydraulic components, pumps, cylinders, hose couplings etc.
  • System design and optimisation on the basis of integrated multi-domain system simulations; analysis and improvement of energy efficiency
  • Noise source identification and emission reduction in hydraulic drive systems

Control technology

The key to success in a development project lies in achieving a smart synthesis of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical drive technology in combination with intelligent control concepts. Hence, our scope of services also includes the development of control technology.

Dr.-Ing. Lutz Hohaus

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