Vehicle, machine and plant acoustics

Beyond performing mere acoustic analyses, we are also engaged in the systematic development of low-noise vehicles, machinery, plant and systems.

IBAF thus supports plant operators and machine and component manufacturers in the analysis, evaluation and reduction of machine, vehicle and plant noise.

Our expertise extends from troubleshooting to the development of specifically noise-optimised systems, employing the most advanced measuring and simulation techniques for the analysis and assessment of sound emission and noise impact.

Testing and measurement techniques for accurate acoustic system analysis

The objective of acoustic measurement and testing techniques is, of course, to arrive at an understanding of the acoustic system as a basis for determining specific problem-solving and optimisation activities.

We perform measurements both in the laboratory and on operational machinery, plant and equipment, recording the full range of internal and external noise, both steady-state and transitory. The data thus acquired enable identification of relevant excitation sources, transmission paths and emission locations. 

  • Sound pressure measurements with acoustic camera
  • Sound pressure and intensity measurements
  • Structure-borne and fluid-borne sound measurements
  • Transfer path analyses
  • Experimental modal analyses

Acoustic optimisation based on simulation techniques

We utilise vibroacoustics simulation in the development of quiet machines and vehicles.

  • Modal analyses (Matrix Structural Analysis, FEM, MBS)
  • Frequency response analyses (FEM, MBS)
  • Calculation of the radiated sound field (Boundary Element Method)
  • Noise forecasts

Mastery of these techniques enables us to support – even during the early development phase – the client’s concept and layout definition work or the selection and design of e.g. acoustic hoods, screens, silencers and insulation systems. As a result, development time and cost can be appreciably reduced.

Single-source acoustic solutions

If required, we can also offer the engineering, design, manufacture and supply of tailored solutions for noise reduction, with offerings such as:

  • Complete noise kits
  • Acoustic hoods, enclosures and screens
  • Silencers, mufflers and sound absorbers
  • Sound-insulated cabins

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