Automation technology and software development

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians develop optimised solutions aligned to our clients’ drive, control and safety equipment requirements.

We offer tailored software solutions on a proven modular basis to ensure optimum operability of the machines we develop. 

Our services in automation technology and software development

  • Coding of control algorithms
  • Functional simulation and control optimisation with Matlab/Simulink
  • Electrical engineering, control system design and programming
  • Manufacture and modification of switchgear cabinets and switch and control gear for test rigs/benches and special-purpose machines
  • Selection and integration of sensors, probes and pick-ups
  • Performance of on-site calibration (force, distance, pressure)
  • Programming of human-machine interfaces for test rig/bench operation and control  
  • Visualisation, evaluation, recording and storage of measurement data
  • Provision of client-specific test piece/specimen management programmes in C++, LabView, VBA, SQL

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) André Kleine

Managing Director
IAMT Prüfsysteme GmbH