Elastomer components

IAMT Engineering offers test and design services in respect of elastomer components.

Elastomers are essential mounting and bearing materials used in chassis design. Elastomer bearings and mounts determine the properties of the chassis and perform certain comfort and safety functions in the vehicle. The testing of elastomer bearings and mounts is a major activity of IAMT Engineering. We also undertake the computational investigation of strength, stiffness and durability properties of elastomer components.

Test services for elastomer bearings and mounts

  • Adaptable test setups, 2-axial and 3-axial, for engine mounts and transmission mounts
  • Static and dynamic bearing and mount characterisation
  • 2-axial and 3-axial tests with trend curve recording of the force and path signals
  • Detection of fluid loss during testing 

Engineering design services for elastomer bearings and mounts

  • Generation of material models on the basis of test data (Mooney-Rivlin, Neo Hook or Ogden)
  • FEM analysis of elastomers taking into account hyperelastic material behaviour
  • Analysis of elastomer assembly components (rubber-to-metal mounts) taking into account installation parameters such as friction, contact areas
  • Computational durability analyses for elastomer components for defined assessment criteria


  • Engine mounts 
  • Transmission mounts
  • Stabiliser mounts
  • Wishbone pivot bushings
  • Track rollers, track wheels

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Pohle-Simon

Managing Director
IAMT Engineering GmbH & Co. KG