Steel structures and machine supports

Beyond providing a suitable supporting structure, our aim is to create a system offering the optimum in terms of application viability, strength, stability and cost-effectiveness.

With the range of requirements for a supporting structure varying greatly depending on the application, IBAF is well versed in developing a broad spectrum of tailored solutions. We will assume responsibility right from the beginning from the specification of loads and requirements right up to hand-over of the fabrication documents with all the necessary strength verification data.

Specification of loads and requirements

A good basic concept and accurate specification of the associated requirements contribute significantly to the overall success of a plant construction project. Hence we are always keen to be involved right from the inception of the project engineering phase, with the following services on offer:

  • Identification and definition of requirements and drafting of the associated specifications
  • Determination of loads by measurement or simulation
  • Consultations with and coordination between client and suppliers regarding fabrication processes and other preferences 

3D CAD development

From the general arrangement drawing with 5000 t of steel construction to the fitted bolt as a standard part, literally every detail is given careful consideration. We adapt the design as an edge joint construction, a welded assembly or a profile-based solution in line with your preferences. Using the agreed software solution, drawings and parts lists / BoMs are then created according to your specifications and guidelines. Early calculations to support the development process ensure that the final structures are suitably optimised. And appropriately sophisticated models are assembled, calculated and evaluated for fast iteration.

Calculation and validation of supporting structures

To avoid interface losses, we supply both the mechanical design and the engineering calculations on a single-source basis. Fatigue analyses and verifications according to industry-specific or other specialist technical standards are all part of the service. Modal or frequency response analyses are carried out as necessary to ensure that the integrated machines do not excite the natural frequency of the system. Finally we will – if required – also submit all the results in verifiable documented form.

Just as the weakest link is decisive for the strength of a chain, every detail is given due consideration when designing steel structures and machine supports. Our objective is to deliver a fully proven, engineered system ensuring guaranteed performance for a minimum in effort and outlay.

Dr.-Ing. Lutz Hohaus

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