Comprehensive development services for materials handling systems and plant technology

IBAF offers engineering excellence to manufacturers and operators of plant and equipment used in the conveyance of people, cargoes and bulk materials. 

Based on a holistic development approach extending from concept to production drawing and from specification-compliant design to assembly testing in the laboratory and system testing in the field, IBAF supports plant, machine and component manufacturers and their customers and users.

The system approach

A system approach is essential in the development of materials handling and warehousing solutions. Only when the process components interact smoothly within an effective transport, logistics or material flow structure can an efficient overall system be created.  The focus today has to be not just on coordination of the mechanical system components, but also the effective synthesis of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical drive technology in combination with intelligent control concepts.

Expertise in systems development

Right from the get-go, IBAF assumes responsibility for the definition of requirement specifications, the systematic development of solution concepts and – where required – concept comparisons on the basis of simplified design calculations. The scope or our system development services extends from layout planning and integration of machines and process components up to the preparation of the documentation of an all-embracing system, including the drive and control technology, with production drawings and validated support structure engineering.

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Strength assessment and structural optimisation
  • Verifiable static analyses
  • System optimisation and simulation, including process engineering
  • Vibrational and acoustic system design
  • Laboratory and field metrology for load assessment and functional validation
  • Project management and documentation

Specific product know-how

In addition to system-related development competence, IBAF also has specific product know-how with respect to a wide range of materials handling equipment:

  • Cranes, hoists and load-lifting attachments
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Special-purpose vehicles for waste handling and landfill
  • Industrial trucks
  • Escalators and elevators/lifts
  • Belt conveyors and transfer equipment
  • Bucket elevators and chain conveyors
  • Vibrating chutes and screening machines
  • Mills and crushers
  • Extraction, processing and stockpiling equipment

Benefit from our Group-wide know-how network
The fields of competence of the IAMT Group


Product expertise in chassis engineering. Materials handling equipment. Construction machinery. Systems development.

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Product safety testing. Drive testing. Test rig and bench construction.

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Process competence in development. Planning. Implementation.

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Product innovation through simulation. System solutions.

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