Project management – Industrial upscaling and localisation

IAMT Engineering performs a key interface role in implementing chassis developments as industrial-scale solutions, reconciling the functional requirements, quality demands and cost objectives of the OEM with the development process and the manufacturing capabilities of vendors.

Industrial upscaling

IAMT Engineering offers the following services in relation to the industrial upscaling of axle system, module and component manufacturing:

  • Series development team leadership, module leadership
  • Preparation of prescriptive specifications and performance/service level agreements
  • Interface and vendor management
  • Series development
  • Testing control and test part management
  • Preventative quality assurance and support in tackling quality issues
  • Preparation of testing, pre-production and production release procedures including acceptance and approval control


IAMT Engineering performs the essential interface function between the OEM and local manufacturer as part of its localisation service. The touchpoints concerned in this case are, in the first instance, those between the functional requirements, quality demands and cost targets of the OEM on the one hand and the manufacturing capabilities of the component suppliers on the other.

  • Series production-specific project engineering worldwide
  • Establishment and coordination of all approval-relevant parameters for the development work
  • Responsibility for project coordination and control including implementation of country-specific prerequisites
  • Preparation of series approvals for the client, including documentation and technical reporting •Interface and vendor management
  • Management of import and export rights
  • Testing control and test part management
  • Qualification of new vendors

Project management as a major component of our FLOW field of competence

With FLOW we take your projects through to the desired goal, localise your products in new markets, adapt components to new production facilities and processes, and help set up production lines. With FLOW we steer your development projects efficiently to their desired outcome.

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