IAMT Engineering supplies prototype components for functional tests, strength testing and crash tests, and also for installation in test vehicles.

We have our own production capacities and assembly facilities together with a network of high-quality and qualified vendors for such activities.

Prototype components as a turnkey solution

IAMT Engineering is often directly contracted to perform component development. This reduces both interface losses and door-to-door times. We also assume responsibility for procurement management in respect of components primarily developed in-house. Collaborating with partners of many years' standing, we are able to respond quickly to prototype demands, react promptly to changing component design statuses, and meet the high quality and strict scheduling requirements encountered in the prototyping domain.

Small-batch vehicle conversions for creating prototypes and experimental models

Modular strategies, increasing individualisation and the complex interaction between mechanics and electronics mean that in-vehicle testing is becoming increasingly essential.

IAMT Engineering is able to create complete prototypes and test vehicles for such scenarios. Our performance spectrum extends from disassembly, conversion and modification of the series vehicle to recommissioning as a mule, glider or ready-to-drive prototype.

Construction of prototypes

Construction of mules and gliders

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Pohle-Simon

Managing Director
IAMT Engineering GmbH & Co. KG