Development of chassis components

As a recognised specialist in chassis design, IAMT Engineering has more than 25 years of experience in the development of automotive structural elements, whether as forged, cast or fabricated sheet metal components.

Nowadays, chassis components have to adapt to complex installation space configurations while meeting extreme strength and stiffness demands, component lifetime specifications and lightweight vehicle construction requirements. At IAMT Engineering we consistently meet such challenges with innovative component designs, marshalling our expertise in computational and experimental fatigue analysis coupled with advanced development methodologies and simulation tools.

Chassis components: Functionally efficient, fatigue-resistant and optimised for production

Chassis components also need to be cost efficient and otherwise suitable for mass production involving millions of duplicate pieces. As your independent development partner, we apply our many years of engineering experience in automotive engineering to design chassis components that are effectively optimised in respect of function, strength, service life and ease of manufacture. 

Chassis components in steel, aluminium, composites, plastics and hybrid materials

Our accumulated engineering expertise in relation to all common manufacturing processes – including forging, casting and sheet metal forming of ferrous and aluminium alloys – is being continuously further developed, particularly with regard to hybrid construction methods, special processes such as EPC and squeeze casting, as well as plastics- and fibre-reinforced composites (CRP, GRP, etc.).  We will also supply specimen and prototype components for demonstration and testing purposes.