Development of chassis concepts

IAMT Engineering develops concepts for proven and innovative chassis solutions – including twist (torsion) beam, McPherson, double wishbone and multi-link axle/suspension systems, not to mention concepts for electromobility.

Proven solutions and innovative inspiration are part and parcel of our axle and suspension development approach – all backed up, of course, by our specialist system competence in chassis engineering.

Requirements definition
  • Prescriptive specifications for axle derivatives prepared in close collaboration with the client
  • Comparison and recommendation of axle concepts
  • Toolbox and transfer strategies
Axle kinematics
  • Design and construction of kinematic models
  • Whole-vehicle simulations for driving stability and dynamic behaviour
  • Elastokinematic and axle-specific kinematic investigations
  • Controller integration for analysis and optimisation of mechatronic systems (active chassis elements, air suspension)
  • Determination of dynamic axle characteristics and load data generation
  • Packaging models and installation space analyses
  • Generation of dynamic component characteristics and wheel motion envelopes 
Axle concept development
  • Conceptual design of axle modules and integrated chassis systems
  • Thermal shielding, corrosion protection, assembly, servicing
Component concepts
  • Development of component concepts for axle parts, interfaces and bearings