Development of complete axle systems

IAMT Engineering develops axle assemblies for production models as well as complete chassis for special vehicles and derivatives.  

We assume responsibility for the entire development process as an assignment package, with concept elaboration, system definition and component design, prototype supply, and component and axle testing, right through to acceptance and approval recommendation and series launch support.  With a unique depth of development expertise in terms of manufacturing technology and numerical and experimental strength/fatigue analysis, and as a trusted supplier of prototypes and small-batch consignments, we have established ourselves as a premier system partner for chassis derivatives. Independent, competent and efficient.

IAMT Engineering offers the following services in the field of chassis assembly and axle system development:

  • Takeover of partly developed concepts and adaptation of the chassis to modified vehicle requirements such as steering angle, dynamic drive characteristics, vehicle weights etc.
  • Elastokinematic investigations, sectional strain analysis for requirements definition purposes (component specifications)  
  • Independent management and development of complete chassis projects
  • Coordination with OEM-internal and external interface partners and assumption of associated profitability responsibilities
  • Strength and service life computations (FEM, damage calculation), approval and release documentation
  • Interface design (bearings, bolted connections, joints)
  • Supply of prototypes
  • Vehicle conversions and design and construction of test vehicles, mules and gliders
  • Development-related tests and trials, approval tests (function, strength, durability, service life)
  • Managing, expediting and controlling the full range of test, approval, concessionary release and change processes

IAMT Engineering develops load-bearing structural components independently up to assembly and component drawing level. At the module level, we assume responsibility for the requirements definition and integration of vendor-supplied systems, including interface management and support, and performance of the relevant testing work.

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Product expertise in chassis engineering. Materials handling equipment. Construction machinery. Systems development.

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Product safety testing. Drive testing. Test rig and bench construction.

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Process competence in development. Planning. Implementation.

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Product innovation through simulation. System solutions.

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