In the field of electromobility, IAMT Engineering offers services for the development of innovative concepts up to and including the design and engineering work required for component release ready for production.

Chassis development for electromobility applications gives rise to a large number of additional and new challenges. An integrated vehicle approach is required involving both modifications of classic systems and new chassis designs. Irrespective of the vehicle or axle concept, components have to be optimised in terms of both cost and weight to meet all the functional and performance specifications of the development remit.

Our range of services related to the field of electromobility

  • Requirements definition for electrically driven axle systems
  • Conceptual design and modelling of electrically driven axle modules
  • Development of component and interface concepts
  • Integration of electrical components and sensors
  • Design and optimisation of axle components and interfaces

Innovation and experience

Our accumulated experience in the development of components through to series maturity provides an excellent basis for the implementation of innovative concepts. New challenges need to be considered with due respect for the constraints of basic science and technology. Only with sound knowledge of relevant physical interrelationships and the technical possibilities available does the development of innovative solutions become attainable. Creative ideas can only be converted into real-life products if they are economically viable and the risks involved remain calculable.