Engine and power train

The interface between power train development and chassis development is often fluid and can be variously defined. Although IAMT Engineering is not an engine developer, many of the tasks arising from power train development are incorporated within our service portfolio.

The approach, methodology and tools employed in the development of structural components differ only to a minor degree from those used in the development of mechanical systems. Implementation of lightweight construction concepts and the application of complex engineering, design and optimisation tools are very much integral to our portfolio, as are component testing and project engineering.

Integration of new engines and power trains in existing vehicle models

  • Packaging of the complete vehicle
  • Geometric integration of engine and transmission components
  • Adaptation and system integration of cooling, intake and exhaust systems within the vehicle
  • Development of new and redesign of existing power train mountings
  • Development of retention brackets and fixing elements for mounted components
  • Management and control of vendors involved in the development process and also of further internal and external interface partners
  • Project management during the development phase and monitoring and control of development targets in respect of engineering, cost and milestone scheduling
  • Construction of prototype systems, test mules and gliders

Engineering design of components and interfaces

  • MBS and FEM analyses for the power train
  • Fatigue and durability analyses of structural components  
  • Design and evaluation of bolted and welded joints and connections
  • Development and validation of design methods  
  • Topology and shape optimisation