Prototype parts and prototype development

IAMT Engineering supplies prototype components to client specifications in steel, aluminium and speciality materials.

Using our own facilities and a network of suppliers specialising in prototyping, IAMT Engineering provides prototype components for functional tests, strength tests and crash tests, and also for installation in prototype and test vehicles, all based as necessary on client specifications in the form of CAD data files or production drawings. Frequently, IAMT Engineering is itself involved in the development of prototype components, which means we can offer all the advantages of an integrated process chain.

Our services

  • Advice on choice of material and manufacturing process
  • Manufacture of components
  • Component and group assembly (e.g. bearing press-fitting, including documentation of characteristics)
  • Management and control of vendor activities
  • Monitoring of prototype production on the client’s behalf
  • Coordination and expediting of on-schedule supply of prototype components •Supply of components in assembly form, including documentation (material certificates, measurement and test reports etc.)

Manufacturing processes

  • Solid aluminium milling
  • Sand casting e.g. for rapid prototyping
  • Welding •Stamping, piercing, punching and bending •Reinforced plastics moulding (CRP, GRP etc.)
  • Rapid prototype components as samples