Vehicle modification, conversion and upgrades

Designers, engineers, vehicle mechanics and mechatronics specialists all work at IAMT Engineering as part of a multi-disciplined team capable of creating advanced technology studies/demonstration models for further concepting and testing.

Our range of services here includes disassembly of the series vehicle, all the planning, part manufacturing, conversion and re-assembly work, and re-commissioning the finished vehicle ready for drive-off. Strict secrecy is ensured in our high-security prototype area with discrete access authorisations.

High-quality prototype vehicles created through teamwork

  • Modification of series vehicles for testing purposes  
  • Development of special vehicles (e.g. measurement mules, crash test vehicles etc.)
  • Vehicle preparation for various measurements (power train, chassis)
  • Assembly and disassembly checks on the entire vehicle

Preparation and development of concept vehicles, technology demonstrators and test prototypes

  • Development and modification of assemblies necessary for vehicle conversion, including body and paintwork, passenger compartment, cabling, hoses, tubing and piping  
  • Manufacture of prototype components including requisite assembly fixtures, jigs and auxiliary tools
  • Dismantling of the basic vehicle
  • Assembly, coordination and installation of modified component groups
  • Vehicle assembly •Clearance and functional checks
  • Wheel alignment and vehicle commissioning
  • Preparation of part and installation lists including documentation of as-built statuses and conversions
  • Project coordination