Laboratory and field metrology

Beyond the acquisition of test or measurement data, we aim to achieve effective system evaluation and analysis.

IBAF supports manufacturers and operators in the planning, implementation and evaluation of metrological campaigns. Such measurements may be performed both in the real machine application in the field, and in the laboratory. Our range of expertise extends from troubleshooting to a systematic measurement programme to record entire load spectra, with model-based evaluation algorithms being employed for the purpose of analysing and assessing the data acquired.

Range of services

  • Recording of kinematic variables (distance, angle, inclination, acceleration)
  • Stress analysis (elongation, force, pressure, acceleration)
  • Load analysis (force, pressure, elongation, acceleration)
  • Thermal analysis (temperature development and variations)
  • Acoustic analyses (sound pressure, intensity, acoustic camera data)

Systematic measurement programme planning

For an investigational campaign to be successful, the measurement  variables and locations must be integrated within an appropriate physical model that closely replicates the machine behaviour. In most cases, the target variable can only be derived indirectly from other measured values. This is where systematic measurement planning comes into play:

  • Identification of suitable measurement variables and locations through pre-simulation
  • Estimation of the effect of measurement error on the target variable
  • Development of evaluation algorithms
  • Performance of metrological campaigns

The measuring and instrumentation chain needs to be adapted to the problem in terms of number of channels, sampling/polling frequency, energy supply and data storage. From short-time measurement covering just a few seconds to acquisition of load spectrum data over several months, we are equipped for every type of requirement.

Model-based evaluation of the metrological campaign

Our evaluation and assessment approach is consistently model-based, whether it is for the indirect identification of machine and process loads or the quantification of the behaviour of an integrated system. We therefore offer the following services:

  • Precise filtration, classification, smoothing, inversion and offsetting to determine target variables
  • Inverse simulation for transient indirect target variable determination
  • Post-simulation of the measurement results for parameter estimation so as to create a precise simulation model
  • System identification on the basis of mathematical black-box models
  • Development and implementation of problem-adapted evaluation algorithms