Basic Engineering

Rather than just a layout, our aim is to provide a reliable, resilient, all-encompassing system design.

With such a wide range of applications, the specifications and boundary conditions of each job are always going to be unique. So whether it is for waste processing or cement production, for a steelworks or a port installation, IBAF optimises each solution individually to achieve the same essential goal: maximum customer benefit.

System selection and configuration

  • Clarification of construction and installation space restrictions and interfaces
  • Coordination and selection of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system components
  • Arrangement and integration of components in a carefully planned layout 

Checking technical feasibility

  • Design of machines and conveyor systems with regard to process viability and drive performance using our own extensive configuration tools
  • Pre-dimensioning of the load-bearing structures, analysis of possible vibration resonances and integration into the installation space •Clarification of critical installation space issues
  • Compliance with limit values (noise, vibration, dust emission)

Presentation tools and documentation

  • Layout and assembly drawings
  • Plant descriptions
  • Material flow and ventilation/dedusting system schematics
  • Motor and component lists
  • Tender and approval documents