Detail engineering

We offer holistic support from the first concept to the production drawing, making sure details are clarified within the context of a fully and efficiently functioning whole.

The detailed design of a system can only be as good as the underlying concept. A solid basic engineering phase is therefore essential for ensuring viable layout planning and technical feasibility. IBAF creates this platform, assuming responsibility for the examination and completion of existing basic documents where required.

Our range of services

  • Systematic layout planning and equipment selection
  • Validated technical feasibility
  • Comprehensive presentation tools and documentation

Intrinsic detailing

From the general arrangement drawing with 5000 t of steel construction to the galvanised fin as a flame-cut part, literally every detail is given careful consideration. Whether this results in an edge joint construction, a welded assembly or a profile-based solution depends on your preferences. Using the agreed software solution, drawings and parts lists / BoMs are then created according to your specifications and guidelines.

Calculation of steel structures and machine supports

To avoid interface losses, we supply both the mechanical design and the engineering calculations on a single-source basis. Modal or frequency response analyses are carried out as necessary to ensure that the integrated machines do not excite the natural frequency of the system. Finally we will – if required – also submit all the results in verifiable documented form.

Process simulation and optimisation

In the case of complex or demanding material handling processes, optimisation based on a discrete element simulation or a CFD analysis is often appropriate. Material parameters and design criteria are defined and varied in order to both ensure stable and reliable processes within the variation ranges and avoid critical system states. Even under difficult installation conditions and in the case of delicate or complex materials, this invariably leads to a viable configuration of all the requisite conveyor sections, transfer units, bins, hoppers and storage facilities. The optimisation criteria include:

  • Functional efficiency
  • Handling rate/capacity
  • Energy requirement
  • Wear and service lifetime
  • Dust emission
  • Noise development

Project management and delivery

If required, and where special solutions are involved, IBAF will also assume responsibility for project management and/or installing the facilities, thus performing a role that is usually assigned to the client as the plant constructor. We will also ensure that the client benefits from the knowledge and experience gained along the way.