Verifiable structural and static analyses

We will always aim to ensure standard- and specification-compliant verification and optimisation of the overall system structure, well beyond the scope of a mere strength assessment.

Ensuring compliance with building law, IBAF can be relied upon to provide a design that meets all specific requirements, with a verifiable static and structural analysis for documentation, assessment or certification purposes as needed.

Our range of services

  • Structural steelwork to EuroCode 3
  • Cranes to DIN EN 13001, DIN 15018 or FEM regulations
  • Storage and retrieval machines to DIN 15350
  • Load lifting attachments to DIN EN 13155
  • Escalators and moving walkways to DIN EN 115
  • Component-specific validation, e.g. bolted connections to VDI 2230
  • Railway-specific validation, e.g. wheel sets and bogies to DIN EN 13979 and DIN EN 13749 or carriage bodies to DIN EN 12663
  • Wind power or offshore components to GL regulations
  • Special-purpose vehicles for waste handling and landfill 

The simulation tools (analytical, matrix structural analysis, FEM, MBS, FEMFAT®) are selected according to requirements and with a view to achieving maximum efficiency. From simple manual calculation for nominal stress assessments to high-level non-linear FE models, we will ensure that each technical decision taken is the right one from both the engineering and the economic point of view.