Acoustic hoods, enclosures and screens

IBAF provides sound insulation hoods and enclosures for encapsulating dominant primary noise sources, a solution that invariably makes a significant contribution to reducing the total noise emission of machines, vehicles and systems.

Our noise control systems are often used for powertrain components either as part of an integrated noise kit or implemented as a stand-alone measure. Utilising our specially developed modular system, we will also custom-integrate our enclosures into the machine design of our clients if required.

Typical areas of application

  • Engines and motors
  • Transmission units
  • Hydraulic components
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Fans / Blowers

Our development approach

Not only the acoustic requirements but also thermal restrictions in particular must also usually be taken into account when it comes to tackling noise sources in the drive train. Similarly, practical aspects such as accessibility for maintenance purposes, media resistance and cleaning options also have to be given due consideration. Especially for mobile machines and vehicles there are additional requirements regarding fatigue strength and stability, vibration and shock resistance.

Thus a holistic approach is essential for developing solutions capable of meeting the full range of requirements..

Our modular kit

In addition to a wide range of sound insulating materials and ready-to-install acoustic panels, our modular system for acoustic hoods, enclosures and screens includes the following:

  • Sound-insulated cooling apertures
  • Forced ventilation systems
  • Inspection and maintenance doors and hatches
  • Inspection windows or condition monitoring transmitters