Noise kits for vehicles, machinery, plant and systems

IBAF develops and supplies complete noise kits for equipping and retrofitting machines, vehicles and systems for particularly noise-sensitive environments or regulated markets.

Acoustic limit values result from standards and directives (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC) or specific customer requirements and the low-impact expectations of the market. The noise kits developed by us may be used to retrofit existing machines, vehicles and systems, offered as an additional option or included as an integral part of new developments. Our product solutions are based on a sound, service-proven acoustic development system – rather than on the classic trial and error principle.

Typical areas of application

  • Construction and agricultural machinery, building material machines
  • Mining machines and bulk handling equipment
  • Off-road and military vehicles
  • Rail vehicles
  • Cranes and industrial trucks
  • Materials handling equipment and systems
  • Workstations and control booths/stands

Our development approach

Depending on the stage of development, the journey to a quiet system invariably includes a vibroacoustic analysis supported by measurements or simulations. Innovative measuring equipment (in the form of acoustic cameras) is used for the actual state analysis of existing systems, thus enabling time- and cost-efficient identification of relevant noise sources. When developing new machines and systems, vibroacoustic simulations provide the system analysis needed during the early phases of the process. A sound understanding of the acoustic system is an essential prerequisite for developing an individual noise reduction strategy, and this in turn enables definition of the requirements specification for the noise kit to be implemented.

Our product and service portfolio

Noise kits may be single-construction solutions or a package of effectively coordinated measures:

  • Silencers for cooling and exhaust systems
  • Optimised fans and adapted air ducting
  • Enclosures and screens for drive components
  • Linings for hoods and cladding elements
  • Elastic decoupling of vibration exciters
  • Specific stiffening of selected structural elements

Optimum customer benefit

All measures implemented are specifically adapted to the respective machine characteristics and the operating environment, enabling us to guarantee maximum application efficiency and practical suitability.