Silencers, mufflers and sound absorbers

IBAF offers individual silencers of various designs, specially tailored to the respective acoustic and application requirements so as to efficiently eliminate the targeted source.

Our products solve the conflict that often arises in practice between sufficient cooling capacity and optimum sound insulation.

Our approach

Cooling and exhaust systems are among the main sources of noise in numerous machines, vehicles plant and systems. In order to achieve optimum damping performance, we tune the systems to the frequency characteristics of the respective system, enabling broadband noise or tonal components to be specifically suppressed. Nothing is left to chance regarding the effectiveness of our silencers.

Since both heat and sound are transmitted via the air, cooling systems in particular need to reconcile the opposing needs of sufficient cooling capacity versus optimal sound protection. The design of our silencers takes both aspects into account, together with the following criteria:

  • Resistance to dust and media
  • Weather resistance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Vibration and shock load resistance
  • Easy installation and removal

Our product and service portfolio

Silencers must be integrated into the machine or system design and, especially when used in mobile systems, reliably satisfy strength and stability requirements over their full service lifetime. Hence, our acoustics specialists, mechanical and computational engineers and draughtspeople work hand-in-hand in the development and design of:

  • Splitter silencers
  • Air intake silencers
  • Resonance silencers
  • Pipe silencers