Sound-insulated cabins

IBAF supports the acoustic optimisation of existing cabins and the development of new low-noise cabins. We supply solutions designed to meet the constantly increasing acoustic requirements of driver cabins and exposed or open operator control stations. 

Directives and ordinances (e.g. EU Directive 2003/10/EC or Ordinance on the Protection of Employees from the Hazards of Noise and Vibration - LärmVibrationsArbSchV) lay down exposure limit values and define the thresholds governing implementation of noise reduction measures. Often, however, abatement intervention is triggered by operator expectations for improved acoustic comfort, irrespective of the prescribed limit values.

Our development approach

Our approach to ensuring the development of efficient solutions fit for the purpose of achieving effective optimisation of cabin acoustics is founded on a thorough vibroacoustic analysis of the system. We have a range of high-performance measuring and simulation tools and techniques at our disposal to enable the necessary investigations:

  • Acoustic cameras
  • Sound intensity probes
  • Acoustic dummy head recording
  • Structure-borne sound sensors
  • FE-supported structure-borne sound analyses
  • Noise propagation simulations

The requisite acoustic control measures or – where applicable – our noise kits are then defined and the corresponding components designed, produced and integrated into the cabin structure.

Our product and service portfolio

  • Sound insulation materials as ready-to-install panels or tailored components
  • Soundproofed wall or ceiling cladding elements
  • Sound-insulated transits, glands and bushings for electrical, hydraulic and cooling lines
  • Elements for the elastic decoupling of vibration exciters
  • Soundproofed air outlets 
  • Optimized sealing elements
  • Stiffening of specifically selected structural elements

We supply the corresponding components for cabin prototypes up to ready-made assemblies for series production, including in small-batch and medium-volume quantities as required.