Assembly of axle groups

Combining individual parts with maximum precision in axle assembly is one of the strengths of IAMT Chassis Systems. In addition to shortening the logistics chain, this also complements the pre-assembly efforts and upstream processes of our customers.

Under system control and using intelligent assembly principles (poka-yoke, one-piece flow), our skilled employees perform this complex integration work with exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

Digitised process sequencing

The goods flow program operating in the background guides components and employees through the quality-monitored stages of the assembly process, with positive handshakes ensuring smooth transition downstream to further in-house or customer production processes. Digital process recording with parallel documentation ensures both the clear traceability of parts and on-time delivery (Just-In-Time / Just-In-Sequence) to the customer.  Further requirements relating to supplier and parts sourcing are naturally also integrated within our holistic process control approach.

Key procedures

  • Bearing & joint assembly – under positional and force-displacement control
  • Fittings – under torque, angle and parallelism control
  • Component marking – QR code; labelling to customer specifications
  • Parts documentation – batch identification, digital parts life cycle

The comprehensive know-how of the IAMT Group in component development and testing and in the manufacture and provision of prototypes is utilised in full in creating and tuning the product required by the client.